I remain a culprit to my highs and lows, a medieval crimson, with a gift and a curse to flow”




As a creator, poetry was the first form of expression that I was enamoured by, resulting in the captivation of my imagination. It depicts warmth and effervescence painted in colours that only existed in my mind, where I could now translate into poetic art.

The motivating factor for choosing to put my work on display and to share to the masses being the realisation we’re all of growth through similar experiences. Nonetheless, we’re not always equipped with the tools to articulate, thus making my work very relatable to so many.

To conclude, my writing is my aid, which helps through the worst and best of times.

The goal being to draw from my happiness and pain, in hope you can relate, to further give relief or assist though whatever you’re going through.

I started this podcast to showcase various forms of poetry pieces I write about. Also, I wanted to speak about the process behind my writing as well as the inspiring factors that aid my creativity. I encourage everyone to have a listen, and don’t hesitate to share your opinion. All thoughts are welcome.