Joe Young

As the moon drifted in the sky, tall trees shivered with the passing wind, it almost gave the impression he was in the presence of prying eyes. Though no surprise, he was oblivious as to what anyone who was cognizant would surmise.
Joe Young walked as he watched, in awe of his shadow. It was midnight, and so his dark skinned blended subtly with his current mellow surrounding, the moon appeared so vast in the sky, as if a wolf was about to transform at any moment, there was a pulling, and the magnitude of its presence was immense.

Though Joe was ignorant to his surrounding, he grew fascinated by himself; a narcissist in his own right. He pondered his thoughts, and it seem his thought pondered about him, a morbid cycle that he alone relished.

However, a lover at heart, and it showed the way he operates and treats himself, the only problem; he acts as if he was the only one in existence. For anyone that would be a problem, and that usually turns out to always be his biggest issue.


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