To the solitude and shade

Back in dissarray.
The future seems so far away, so i thought it best to settle for surviving another day.
Solitude appears with gazing eyes. No other takers, room for moneouvre or opportune moments, so i assume it’s the only way.
Timid to the senses, on contemplation or contemporary relinquishes, it seems like a long time but it was only the other day. With one synchronized mind, responding in kind, i took my place amongst the shadows in a shaded place.
How sweet they waited for me all this time, some what in kind i guess they knew my responses, thus I appreciate their efforts and warm welcome.
In between the stars, mindful as i take a scoop of the dark crevices that never seem to get the stamp to pass.
Like minds responding in kind, seeing but never believing, conceiving but never revealing.
Some minds are better left only for the stars to see, perhaps then it may respond in kind, bearing the brunt of the darkness that anybody else would get lost in.

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