Into the Abyss

A story of tragedy, yet persevering through his hardship and finding allies and friends in unexpected places. Kane struggles with his mom’s death, yet little he knew it was only the beginning, and he had much trouble that he was yet to experience. With his new family, his girlfriend Amani, someone he considered a supporter, but proven to be his greatest love, he learnt a great deal, on his journey into the most challenging times of his life.

Kane is the main character, he is a balanced individual, open-minded with a positive state of mind. In some instances, these are some of the qualities that the people around him relate with the most. For example, he is very respectful, and he treats everybody around him equally the same and is always willing to help. He is a forward thinker, most of all he is willing to stand and defend what he believes in. His mindset remained consistent with his outlook on life until things took a turn for the worse in discovering his mother is suffering from cancer.

The story starts with the depiction of the beginning of the end when his mother died. His view on life became bleak. He suffered immensely mentally and emotionally. The one other potential anchor that existed for him, was his girlfriend Amani. Considering their relationship was developing and at the time and not quite mature. In the end she was the one person that almost soothes his pain, providing relief for him; making him further entertain the thought that there may be life after his mother’s passing.
His relationship with Amani continued to develop into something special, reopening his mind to possibilities to where he thought he may survive through his trauma.


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