Scars embraced

To where do we turn when lemonade has been laid…

Gift wrap.

Like sunlight with extra synthesis,
grieving in the reminisce.

It trickles in residual bliss..

Like the everglades,
the neverending phase..
Even a bellyful will not suffice like a bottomless pit.

It eats away the carnage to what I’ll never submit.

So to remain deprived,
poker face from left to right.

The coming of life after life.

All I needed was an inkling of survive, now there is a need to strive for life, that exist out of my span size.

If there is such a thing.

To the moments that leaves us lacklustre and falling short with motivation to keep going. As the wise say, when life gives lemon, make lemonade. Made the best of your situation, darkness never last but a season.


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