Logic and Potion

Where logic meets emotion.

The ultimate potion,

it combines in kind to relinquish the constraints of the mind.

There lies moments of explosion.

In such a premise,

madness is not hard to find.

It binds to the unkind,

like opposites that are naturally inclined.

There lies the ignition,

the potential to be more than.

My plan uplifts,

to the moments that need not be mentioned.

They exist in the mind’s unsullied by constraints.

Not afraid to paint to heart’s content,

even in the moments that makes no sense.

Logic to paper or brush to paint,

seeing the moments that renders us transparent,

ultimate magnification,

so much so;

even our demons ponders to moments of relent.

For shadows thrive in the darkness away from light.

The black rose,

energy promises to emit and juxtapose,

irrespective of the physical laws.

Through time potential grows and grows.

Like figments,

it ponders in the darkest parts of the ethos


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