Mohicans #poetryvent

If not for the exclusivity,
and remote, 
the livity,
let love be-spoke.
Speaking truth into the sands of time.

The turning tides that reside inside,
unscrupulous the traits that lay base in your space.
No more are the days when a fix was the test of time.

To lay waste with grace, 
honour in the moments we liveth that only the truth can find.

The common is unlike, 
thus the world is quite like the flipping kind,
coin toss,
earth trailing to portray our trauma,
the universe implores thee;
life is not forever so be kind.

Unbeknownst the meaning of tomorrow,
though today there lies no trying,
for we live in the most trying of times,
in our minds, 
trying to cope with the utmost you will find.

What’s life got to do with it;
it is the painter and the brush,
the twilight to the highlight,
igniting the everlasting crimes.

Living in the combustibles,
the memories that will heat your mind,
the conscience is belligerent,
perplexed by the abnormal and unsavoury tones,
hard press to predict life’s tumblings,
in the midst of your luck’s peak.
Revenge is Karma’s for the taking.

What is life if not for the concept of time,
he brittle hands,
with a sturdy forearm,
total recall like nobody you will ever find.

Thus a convoluted moment,
we could not help to uncover.

Though we wallow in the blink of an eye with nonchalance,
like our tomorrows are infinite,
so the forgotten will be remembered at later time,
never being too late,
not knowing forgiveness is the game,
and time was never that kind.

The last of the Mohican, for me it’s an easy expression of the changing of the times and values. Things that may have been at the corner stone of our sensibilities like certain conventional terms like honour ones position in society is no longer fixed for it is has become interchangeable. Lust and love almost a blurring of the lines, hard to tell anymore. One thing for sure many changes and some we may never see again for the people that perpetuate certain practices will no longer be around to exercise their culture in a sense irrespective of the impact good or bad.

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