Po3tryJournal: Growing Pains

A testament to the beautiful moments, the not so nice ones, the accumulated and utmost questions; everything as a whole, an encapsulation of experiences. There is much in line with pain; “darkest retreats in salivation, just to lick my wounds”. These are the times that breathe life into creativity, causing the birth of Po3tryjournal; Growing Pains. What is a poet if not for questions, about life and the critical point of views at least where opinion is concerned. There is a thirst for growth, and the love for discovery of self, these are some of the topics that is garnered within the many pieces and topics that is addressed within this book. Whereas, there are other pieces that were born from pain, that churned in the darkness; so much so that vivid outlook from a dark perspective was the only way to express what is- in relation to the feeling. The majority of writing is born from my experiences, whether it is love, pain or happiness. The majority of these experiences were brought on by insurmountable feelings of pain and dismay. However, they are expressed with hope, to speak to an audience that can relate.


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