Po3tryJournal Book reviews

I want to take some time to acknowledge some reviews. I think they’re relevant because they seem to depict consistently something in my writing almost allowing itself as a sort of DNA of my writing. Especially when it comes to poetry or even my stories I create. What I’m seeing irrespective of bitter or sweet emotions, people are constantly connecting with my story and the rollercoaster I try to portray. I’m a strong believe in empathy and emotional intelligence, guided by logic and I believe it has shown through not only my poetry, but also my stories. It allows me to take my audience on a ride or a type of rollercoaster (sorta speak) and I hypothesise it allows my audience to better connect with my characters and my ploy in relation to poetry.

These reviews are taken from amazon, from my poetry book Po3tryJournal: Growing Pains.

I say all this to say if you value such type of books poetry or stories. Check out my profile and get yourself a copy. High quality books at reasonable prices.

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