Into the Abyss volume 3

Kane is aware of whom his enemy is and the great loss he would endure should he lose this battle.

The fight against the odds continues but even more so against him and his family.

To Kane family is everything,
as a result he was struggling to come to terms with the demise of someone close.

At the same time prying eyes are watch from the shadows.

The family struggles to keep their sanity,
but will they be able to stay safe from harm?

It appears as if everything is changing for the worse,
thus even now than before they need to find a way to swing the tides back in their favour.

The gauntlet of power swings back and fourth constantly.

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Hello everyone, my name is Alex Murdock and I would like to welcome you to my Blog. You maybe asking who is Alex Murdock and why should I trust in what he has to say. Alex Murdock before anything is a thinker, an innovator, an author, creatively motivated and so through his abilities hoping to entertain and captivate in order to pass on thoughts and various forms of expressions through his words. I like to think of myself as a creative writer, because I am a writer of published poetry (PoetryJournal) and a story book (Into the Abyss), I also like to write anything that my mind guides into writing about, so the title of being a creative writer I believe is the best fit.

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