Po3tryajournal: Growing Pains

Editorial review:

“We can confidently state that your work was found to be an impressive,
and thought-provoking
collection of poems, very well-written throughout.

As an immersive collection,
we were keen to
comment on how your poetry is innovative and fresh and how the intensity of your verses in places will
undoubtedly strike a chord with the reader.

We also feel that this collection is very well structured and
organised throughout,
allowing for a cohesive and compelling read.

The personable writing style makes this
collection accessible to a wide audience,
and it will resonate especially with those who have an interest in
the different forms of emotions and to those who have had similar experiences or feelings themselves more

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Hello everyone, my name is Alex Murdock and I would like to welcome you to my Blog. You maybe asking who is Alex Murdock and why should I trust in what he has to say. Alex Murdock before anything is a thinker, an innovator, an author, creatively motivated and so through his abilities hoping to entertain and captivate in order to pass on thoughts and various forms of expressions through his words. I like to think of myself as a creative writer, because I am a writer of published poetry (PoetryJournal) and a story book (Into the Abyss), I also like to write anything that my mind guides into writing about, so the title of being a creative writer I believe is the best fit.

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