Po3try- Morse code

A penny for your thoughts,

as your mind goes radioactive like infrared remotes,

simple devices that gives the most complex answer,

they tells the tales of the classes,

prickles with book traps and convolutions;

chillful darkness,

all eyes on the prize,

everything twice as nice,

everything light,

militant with my expressions,

diligent with my crosses,

so your eyes can see it,

while I surmise,

the answers,

the ultimate skeleton key,

exoskeleton for the soul,


thus my infrastructure remains resilient,

equipped with fortunes,

extra stubborn,

the perfect automatic,

thoughts comes by the millions,

though I never mind it,

calm and collected;

I can take it,

consistent with the wrappings,

extra sweet and sour,

the perfect culprit,

masking agents,

they hung like pendulum on the soul,

thus look closer,

perhaps you may see it,

with an alluring glow.

Life would start with a phrase,

then I would let Karma lead the way,

should you ever not stay,

just know that’s okay,

but before you go,

lay your heavy thoughts away,

at my door,

let it pour,


like million pennies,

but in time they will transcend,

when I let the light in.

#po3try #art #growth #poetry #growing #growingpains #love

P.s a treat for the supporters of my page and poetry lovers


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