As a creator, poetry was the first form of expression that I was enamoured by, resulting in the captivation of my imagination. It depicts warmth and effervescence painted in colours that only existed in my mind, where I could now translate into poetic art.

The motivating factor for choosing to put my work on display and to share to the masses being the realisation we’re all of growth through similar experiences. Nonetheless, we’re not always equipped with the tools to articulate, thus making my work very relatable to so many.

To conclude, my writing is my aid, which helps through the worst and best of times.

The goal being to draw from my happiness and pain, in hope you can relate, to further give relief or assist though whatever you’re going through.


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Hello everyone, my name is Alex Murdock and I would like to welcome you to my Blog. You maybe asking who is Alex Murdock and why should I trust in what he has to say. Alex Murdock before anything is a thinker, an innovator, an author, creatively motivated and so through his abilities hoping to entertain and captivate in order to pass on thoughts and various forms of expressions through his words. I like to think of myself as a creative writer, because I am a writer of published poetry (PoetryJournal) and a story book (Into the Abyss), I also like to write anything that my mind guides into writing about, so the title of being a creative writer I believe is the best fit.

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