ENGLISH WEATHER- by Alex Murdock

Grace in the space,
feeling like mase in the face,
extra laced and out of place,
timid to the case,
but no matter,
I remained poised,
for there is no shame to disgrace,
it was all in the mind,
so nevermind.

Looking to the kind for the onset of a better time,
where the sullied and the mentally not kept could never find,
away from me,
what a sight to never see,
till the death of me,
do away with it all,
away from me.

The exposure for losers,
exposure giving me allergic paranoia,
the coy virus,
the likes of which I could never trust,
croaking with a hint of plus,
mean-muggingmugging with a hint of lust,
smiles my way,
sweet to the front like tooth decay,
earth spray,
I’m tender with the moments,
looking for the crossover,
nostrils sniffling away,
seeking the sweetest scent,
the one that depicts my stay,
paving the sweetest lay,
sweet like sorrows,
and a thousand tooth decays.

Who am I to trust?
Only time could say…
I wait in vain,
giveth to the fullest,
till it taketh my life away,
until then weather predicts,
all sunny for a better day.

Alex here. I wanted to take the time to share something I wrote lately, one of my favourite pieces for my favourite readers. My take on this piece is that; it depicts the way our minds and emotions would change at the drop of a hat sometimes, or more specifically like the English weather. I’m sure we are all aware of how London’s weather comes and goes, even if you’re from the US. In fact, if you are from the US and are not aware of London’s weather; I implore you, when you’re coming to London do not leave without your umbrella. Sometimes we cannot help ourselves with our back and forth in torment, pertaining to our own self antagonizing, whether internal or external stimulus. We go out of our way to act as our own paranoia catalyst. However, it’s important to know when enough is enough, at this point it is important to give yourself a break. I hope you can all relate.

Happy Monday.

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