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Hello everyone, my name is Alex Murdock, and I would like to welcome you to my Blog.

You may be asking who Alex Murdock is and why should I trust in what he has to say.

For the people who are unable to put their emotions and thoughts in words, good or bad. The need for somebody to sympathise or support. That’s why I paint with words. That’s why I create.

As a creator, poetry was one of my original outlet of expression. It depicts the journey and experiences over the years that I have the privilege and ability to express in poetic form. My whole idea of putting my work out there is the fact I believe everyone lives a similar human experience, and that makes everything I write about relatable. I say all this to make the point that, my writing helps me through the best and worse times. My goal is to put my happiness and pain on paper, hoping my audience can relate to aid them through whatever they are going through in their life.

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A story of tragedy yet persevering through his hardship and finding allies and friends in unexpected places. Kane struggles with his mom’s death, yet little he knew it was only the beginning, and he had much trouble that he was yet to experience. With his new family, his girlfriend Amani, someone he considered a supporter, but proven to be his greatest love, he learnt a great deal, on his journey into the most challenging times of his life.





Kane has come a long way over the past years since he had put his past troubles to bed. Though, it appears his situation may yet become dire for him. He is yet forced to rise to another challenge and overcome the problems that awaits around the corner, for the sake of the family and his dear beloved Amani.


Alex Murdock presents the second volume of his book Po3tryJournal.
However, based on the level of growth and creativity,
one could argue it is an incredible standalone.
Growing Pains is a loved book that puts creation on a canvas;
a word play derived from love, heart break, pain, darkness,
in the end finalised as being cathartic.

A healing effect through growth and understanding.
He embraces his painful experiences,
the chaos is enveloped, in an aid for change,
causing a metamorphosis that is evident in his work.
Alex Murdock presents the instalment of his short story series into hardship and adversity, which has become a loved series by readers.

Kane thought his world was about to end with the passing of his mother, but it was merely the beginning.

Are these attempts made towards his life mere coincidence? But Kane wasn’t a criminal so where were these enemies coming from… Kane and Benjamin were eager to find out before it was too late.

In Hackney central, he was known to be a lover not a fighter since his days of boxing were behind him. He couldn’t figure out any signs of criminal elements around him. Although, the question is why he was a magnet for grudge matches with individuals with a proven history of violence.

A beautiful take on one of his best-loved stories, depicting pain and crime, and also can be read as a standalone.